Support Us

Support us in organizing events and help us advocate our cause in our local and international community.

Become a partner organisation! If you are a Palestinian or international NGO, business, educational institution, or simply an engaged and active individual with an interest in our work, consider becoming one of our Partners, and we can work together for a our common goals and achieve a public benefit.

Volunteering at GUP , where you will gain an opportunity to take part in activities of all types, including education, project development and management, building relations and social network. You will gain opportunities to interact with students from all over UK, take part in field trips, and join interesting lectures and training events. We will take your interests into account in terms of both the skills that you have and those you want to develop.
Volunteering fields:
  • English language writing and editing, including PR
  • Events management
  • Opportunities to meet with partners
  • Idea and project generation and innovation
  • Technical work that matches your skills: e.g. website and info graphic design
  • Teaching English, Arabic and employment skills (dependent on both whether classes are running during your time.)
  • Field visits and activities with Palestinian students
  • General assistance to GUPS staff.
Please submit your CV, motivation letter (explaining why you are interested in volunteering with GUPS and the skills and competencies you have that are relevant to the role. Submit all previous requirements in a an email to Please add "Volunteering" to your email subject.